Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Stay Up- Yeezy

People always got something negative to say about Kanye. So from now on everytime somebody tries to discredit or slander my dude I'm gon celebrate him.

Air Yeezy's I gotta get some of these. Vince whats up with that Nike rep we need to be the first ones with these.
via Kanye's Blog "These Be Killing Em In The Club"

Stay Up! (Viagra) Kanye West & 88 Keys
I love this video too, 1st time I enjoyed a video in a while.

Kanye on the Wake Up Show

Friday, March 13, 2009

Baron Davis Writes A Letter

Wanted to share this with my blog family. Taken From Here

What's up Global Grind this is your boy BlogXilla, and I got a treat for you. Baron Davis has wrote a letter to the audience of it's about Gang Violence in America. Check it out. ~ BlogXilla

Dear globalGrind,

On game night, thousands of fans come to watch my teammates and I play ball at the Staples Center. We have fun playing, you all have fun watching, and it's a good time for everyone.

But just a few miles away - where I grew up - there's a war going on in the streets.

Gang violence has become an accepted part of life in South Central LA, taking the lives of so many young black men. The feud between the Crips and Bloods has been going on for decades, but no one seems to understand why.

That's why I've gotten involved with the documentary titled Crips and Bloods: Made in America. This film gives an amazing look inside LA's gang life -- the turf wars, the gang structure, the street rules, and the culture of guns and death. It's told by former gang members, experts, and activists who know first-hand the destruction that gang violence brings to black communities in LA.

I grew up in South Central, and I hate seeing so many other young black men getting caught up in this cycle of gang violence. A basketball scholarship and strong support from my grandmother helped me break through, but most guys aren't so lucky.

It doesn't have to happen like this. Young men don't have to end up in prison or die in the streets. The Crips and Bloods don't have to keep fighting for another 40 years. But to stop the bloodshed, we have to understand why it's happening.

Crips and Bloods: Made in America is a great start. The film doesn't just document the violence in South Central, it helps explain the bloodshed and offers hope that the next generation of kids can escape it. After watching this film, I believe the day will come when neighborhoods in LA aren't run by gangs and rattled by gunshots.

The U.S. just swore in its first black president. There's hope throughout the U.S. -- even in South Central.

Check out the trailer and then ask your friends to watch it too:

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

A Film Written By Tupac

Lisa Hobbs at Vibe reports that a film written by the Late Tupac Shakur is set to hit theaters. Besides scribbling lyrics, and detailed poems, the late rapper, actor and activist Tupac Shakur also penned several screenplays before his 1996 murder. One of the scripts, Live 2 Tell, is set to hit theaters by 2010. Live 2 Tell revolves around an ex-drug dealer attempting to get his life back on track after escaping a violent past. Shakur wrote the film while serving out his 1995 prison term for sexual assault. He had plans to play the leading role. Shakur’s mother and estate-holder, Afeni Shakur, sold the rights of the film to Insomnia Productions. According to, the film is set to be produced by Hustle and Flow producer Preston Holmes. Casting is reported to begin by early April. I think Afeni needs to hold on to all the Pac's material, besides that he had dreams of releasing and those films his-self so instead of her selling his stuff she needs to be looking for investors or getting distribution and trying to maintain ownership.

Keri Hilson..Who?

I haven't posting in a while been kinda busy trying to get my portfolio site and everything else together. I got stuck working on a web design for a client and starting reading and when I saw the YouTube clip of the day I knew I had to post it. Excuse some of the language, but this is hilarious.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

I'm Feeling These

I'm so ol school so it's only right that I gotta get me a pair of these Nike Vintage Blazer High, and um I think the varsity red ones will due.

A Good Example Of The Power Of Words…Or Should I Say A Word?

Taken From

What's Your Favorite Use???

Pure Talent!

Chi Town stand up.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

The Truth About Facebook

I saw this on the Streetknowledge blog and it had me scared this is crazy and I knew I little about their policies and procedures but I didn't know it was like this. Taken from This is a visual presentation of a story we ran the other day about Facebook acquiring perpetual ownership over everything its users post on its platform. Scary when you think about some of the things I’ve read about people on the ‘Book. Furthermore this video provides the links that track back the investment money to government agencies whose sole interest is to gather as much information on folks as possible, thus establishing motive for claiming ownership over everything people put on Facebook. Sh*t, they might actually be responsible for that annoying “25 Things…” viral thread that’s all over Facebook.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My New Favorite Song

This is my new favorite song, I play it every morning just to remind myself that I'm Amazing!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Classic Of The Day

Because its Valentine's weekend and all, I gotta post a R&B classic for today. This used to be my joint right here, I thought Lauren was singing to me. This one is dedicated to you baby..

Maino Predictions Came True

Remember I posted the track "Predictions" by Maino last month and he gave his predictions on what was gonna happen in 09, well we're only like what 2 months in and like 5 of them have come to pass, check out which ones.

The New Cool

Last night I was reading some blogs on and a came across a post written by Kevin Liles. If you don't know who Kevin Liles is he's the Executive Vice President of Warner Music Group which is only the largest independent music content company in world. Not only Kevin Liles legendary in the music industry, I mess wit him because he started off as intern at Def Jam Records, and grinded his way to the top. And when I read his entry, I was instantly inspired, and I wanted my people to read it.

Hey, I wanted you guys to read where my head is for 2009. You can check out the full article in the “Executive Decision” column of XXL’s March 2009 issue.

It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t remind each of you that there are 3 kinds of people: people who Make It Happen, people who Watch it Happen and people that Things Happen to. What kind of person are you?

It’s 2009, and, as they say, out with the old and in with new. What old are you getting rid of, and what new are you taking with you? Your past has passed. You lived it, and I hope you learned from it. 365 days of countless new experiences, new conversations, new revelations and new inspirations.

Just in case you didn’t know, Jeezy made it clear: Our President is Black. Not of Black America, but of the United States of America. Queen Latifah reminded us to put “Ladies First,” and now, in 2009, Michelle Obama is our First Lady, carrying with her the soul of Mary J. Blige and the grace and spirit of Beyonce Knowles. Lil Wayne showed us how to still sell “A Milli,” not by just being a rapper, but by making rap his life. T.I. encouraged you to “Live Your Life”, not someone else’s life, taking responsibility for mistakes and evolving into a better man and public

Will Smith inspired us all to say, “I Am Legend,” and pushed us all to focus on our own “Pursuit of Happyness”. Puffy said “I Am King,” therefore I can do anything; I am what I believe myself to be. And Russell Simmons continues to remind us to relax our minds and let our consciousness be free. Jay-Z reminded us that Rosa Parks sat so Martin Luther King Jr. could
march. King marched so that Barack Obama could run. Obama ran so we all could fly.

So spread your wings and fly, because this year there can be no more excuses. Obama’s road to the White House embodied the spirit of Hip-Hop. He encouraged change when some said things were unchangeable. He believed when most said, “You are unbelievable.” He achieved when everyone said it was unachievable. We must all step up, step out on faith, find our will and make it happen. President Obama’s thrill of victory has inspired me to encourage “The New Cool.”

The New Cool is to be presidential: walk presidential, talk presidential and act presidential. No matter what you do, where you are in your life; through crisis, frustration, aggravation, good, bad or sad times. Carry yourself presidential. Dare to dream the big dream and work hard to be an agent of change.

In honor of Black History Month, please celebrate and pray for those who made history before us, and continue to encourage and inspire young America to make their own history after us. The New Cool embodies faith, education, wealth and legacy. I will always encourage you to do you, with one condition: Adopt the New Cool...Be presidential.

God Bless Hip-Hop and God Bless America,

Kevin Liles